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This child six months old could not open her eyes Dr. Ravishankar at USHAKIRAN eye hospital Mysore has operated and opened the eyes to help the child to see light. Futher one or two surgeries are required at a later stage to correct the remaining defect. This will be done after 2 years.
This child is the mist of toys not being able to decide which toy he likes most. He enjoys the fun looking at each toy and playing with it. Ofcourse the child is mentally retarded. He neds loving care of the family and the community.
Any mega eye camp food is to be prepared to around 500 persons per time. Morning breakfast is to be readyby 7-39 AM to enablethe patients for getting ready for surgery. The food for the patients & relatives are prepared in large quantities. Unlimited food is served. It is a tough job to organise cooking for such large numbers. The above pictures are from Maski camp in August 2011.
WE conduct children's activities under this banner. We conduct the following activities at Mysore

1. School children eye screeing camps & distribution of Spectacles
2. Children surgerey camps in association with UshaKiran Eye Hospital, Mysore
3. Slow learners project for the children who are backward in studies in schools
4. School for children with multiple disabilities
5 Distribution of useful used garments for young & old
This is the primary Health Centre managed by Karuna Trust at Beggars colony, Bangalore. Sri Vivekananda Sevashrama conducts Free IOL Cataract Surgery for the inmates. We have conducted more than 300 free sirgeries. Recently we conducted surgery camp at Vasantaputa as part of inaguration of surgery work at our Branch. 16 inmates were operated on 4th Dec. 2011.