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Cataract Surgery : Know something about it

Cataract development is a natural phenomenon which cannot be prevented. Natural clear lens looses its clarity gradually and the vision is blurred. If cataract is mature patient is almost blind due to cataract.  Fortunately it is curable. At some age, normally after sixty years, people will get cataract. There is no medical treatment, only surgical treatment is available for the present. The affected lens is to be removed & Intra Ocular Lens (IOL) is to be implanted during surgery itself. This is a simple operation which takes less than ten minutes including preparation.

Though the surgery is simple it is costly in private nursing homes. It may cost Rs. 25 to 30 thousand. Overheads are the main cause for the increased cost of surgery. People are prepared to spend hefty sum to satisfy their ego. We are cataract people having completed more than 34,750 IOL surgeries at our rural cataract surgery mega camps. More than 98 % of the …