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Swacha Bharat Abhayan

Cleaning the country is essential for the health & well being of the people & the country. Prime minister Narandra Modiji has given a call to the nation to organise swacha Abiyan throughout the country. Building toilets is only a part of the abayan. We have to clean the surroundings of our neighborhood. We have to teach the student community to clean the surroundings of their school & class rooms, their houses and the villages they live in.  In most of the schools toilets are there but they are dirty. Midday meals programme  has helped the children and water supply has been provided for most schools. Water is available and some teacher has to take up the job of cleansing and keeping the school clean. Students & staff must combine together and make cleanliness as part of the school curriculum. Clean schools should be awarded prizes. Headmaster must also receive a citation an entry made in his service records. It is as important as studies and the results …

Eye-Camp disaster: NHRC issues notice to Punjab on 60 losing eyesight

Over 3600 turn up for mega free eye camp - The Hindu