There is every reason for him to smile.Hear his story.He was born blind and deaf.Cataract blind from birth. Add to this the poverty of the family.Marginal farming and shepherding were the only means of livelihood.Fatherless at young age mother was the sole bread earner.Growing up and entering adulthood no way he could contribute to the family earnings hobbled as he was by his deformities

Enter Sri Vivekananda Sevashrama in to the picture.On one of the scheduled monthly visits to the Anekal town,he came with his mother.Told about the free eye surgery, neither he nor his mother could understand the benefit of this exercise.When the boy was asked to lie down and a torch was flashed in to his eye all hell broke loose because of fear. The mother's consoling entreaties not working the doctor had to administer a slap to subdue the howling boy before being wheeled into the OT.Though unusual both eyes were operated upon on the same day

Forward to Anekal a month later. There he was again beaming with a smile and asking some one to meet the surgeon..Told that that the surgeon would be available only at the end of surgeries he was all all patience embodied.When surgeon came out,his joy knew no bounds for gift of sight he received from the surgeon.A heart warming sight indeed. With the gift of the sight now he is an asset to his mother lending a helping hand in tending to cattle and farming This is one of many stories among 20,000, Sevashrama could tell
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