She is one of the poor patients who needed free cataract surgery. She was operated at our Yadgir Mega Free IOL Cataract Surgery Camp. The camp was conducted on 21 & 22 of October 2011 at District Hospital, Yadgir. Women like her attend the camp in good numbers. Sri Vivekananda Sevashrama eye Hospital has limited resourses at its disposal & so we cannot conduct mega camps . We depend on District Blindness Control Programme funds. Payment is irregular and insufficient. We are paid only Rs. 500/- from DBCS. The cost surgery is Rs. 1,500/- per IOL Cataract Surgery. We have to collect Rs. 1,000/- per patient from public as donation. We depend on Individual and institutional donations. It is easier to conduct surgery than collecting donations continuously throughout the year. Our expences is of the order of 80 Lakhs
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