Lingasaguru is a small town in Raichur district of Hydarabad Karnataka It is 420 KM from Bangalore and 100 KM from Raichur. Narayanapura dam on river krishna is 20 KM. The tank at Lingasaguru is allways full to the brim. The new extentions are well planned though the old town is congested as usual. The Hosptal is built wigh Geman aid some years back The building is good but badly maintained. The OT is good but AC do not work properly and give good lot of trouble on the first day of surgery, 16th March 2012. However the work went on smoothly and we could conduct 203 FREE IOL Cataract Surgeries for the poor elderly patients who are cataract blind. Coordination between local organisers, Govt department and Sri Vivekananda Sevashrama is absolutely essention for smooth working.

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