The Bhagavad Geetha Controversy is unnecessary and totally uncalled for. Who are  the people who are talking about Gita? do they know the contents? Have they studied the Gita in depth? have they tried to understand the meaning and content of the Gita? It is a book which explains the theory of life and death. Hindus believe in rebirth and life after death. Body is not you, you are the Athman or the soul residing inside the body. Birth and death is for the body. The soul is imperishable. there is only transmigration of the soul, moves from one body to the other, depending on the papa and punya we get suitable bodies to enjoy or suffer in next life. Where is the controversy? All intellectuals from all countries, Greatest scientists, Great intellectuals of all faiths, pay respect for this great book which explains the meaning and purpose of life. It is in Sanskrit language perhaps not understood by many, both in India and outside. There are any number of translations in all languages of the world. Plenty of commentaries by acharyas of all sects in Hinduism. After Brahmasutra and Upnishads, Gita is one of the pillars of Vedanta philosophy.  It has been preserved in its pure form. This little book contains seven hundred slokas, it is part of the epic Mahabharatha. Ramayana and Mahabharatha are the puranas, the are itihasas, that is the History of the nation
narated by Vyasa muni the great saint of yore.  
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