Slow learners project in Govt. Schools in Karnataka, INDIA

Sri vivekananda Sevashrama is a charitable trust. The following are the activities of Sevashrama for the present
1. Sight to the Sightless project - Conducting mega free IOL Cataract surgery eye camps for the elderly in rural places in Hydarabad Karnataka, India. We have conducted 40,000 surgeries till date. we conduct around 3500 surgeries per year. We want to increase it to 5000 per year. Each surgery costs INR 3000. We need sponsors for the project.We are on AMMODO platform for donation collection
2. Vision care for children including surgery when required - At present we are conducting school children eye screening project in Mysuru, Mandya, Chamarajanagar districts of Karnataka, India. We also distribute free spectacles for children with refractive errors. We have examined more than 1,50,000 children and distributed more than 5000 spectacles. Children surgery costs INR 15000 per surgery and each spectales costs INR 500. We need sponsors for the project
3. Slow learners project - Helping students who are backward in studies in government primary schools in Madya district of Karnataka, India. At Present we are conducting special coaching in four schools and wants to i9ncrease it ten schools when we mobilise funds for expanding this useful project. We need sponsors for the project. You can contribute through Global Giving also.
4. Livelihood project - Sevashrama conducts schools for teaching tailoring and computer.
5. Supporting Special children schools - We support two schools for Mentally and physically challenged children near Mysore
Venkatesha Murthy
Managing trustee
Sri Vivekananda Sevashrama, Bangalore
No, 39, 8'B' Main Rd. BSK 2nd Stage, Bangalore - 560070
Web Http//www

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